Tuesday, October 28, 2008

wasting away again...

in obamaville.

just saw on the late news that jimmy buffet will give a free concert in nearby tampa's ford amphitheater that is really an undisguised and unapologetic mega-rally for bo...it's the "last chance for change rally and concert" on sunday 11/2.

just another icon of my boomer generation in the tank for the obamessiah.

well, i guess the "o" is the 21st century maharishi m. yogi or l.r. hubbard...those privileged self-haters just have to have some magical someone or something to give their empty existence meaning.

adios, jimmy...i'll never waste away another three minutes listening to you again.


poll lock

no, not archie bunker's nickname for his son in law or the hard-working folks of poland...

what we're talkin' about here is the avalanche of polls being run by various and sundry vested interests to divine the leanings of likely voters. you've got yer msm'ers over at nbc/wsj and the ap, then you've got yer private "commissioned" polls run at the behest of unions and other "neutral" groups...yeah, right.

what they've all got in common is this: polls cost money to run and guess who's got the money in this here ratrace? yes, that would be the people of the "o", whether funded directly or just in the tank for the desired outcome, the polls are overwhelmingly slanted in their presentation, verbiage, and reported results.

and that's just a manifestation of one of our favorite refrains here at the pawnbroker's place...that perception is fairly easily shaped, and once shaped quickly morphs into reality. repeat enough times that the margin is overwhelming and that the "issues that are important" are weighed even more overwhelmingly in favor of the "client" and marginalize the issues where the client trails, and it might render that pesky election thing moot.

yep, there's a poll lock, all right...the whole shebang is all locked up and there's really no need for you bitter clingers to bother...that shit works, and they know it works; don't let it work on you and maybe, just maybe...the one poll that really counts, the one where you walk into that booth one week from today, will be the one where we the people hold the key to the lock.


could the o-man win...

...but lose?

hell, yeah he could...but nbc's new tim russert says it won't happen.


Monday, October 27, 2008

i knew i liked this news chick...

barbara west is a news anchor at orlando's channel 9, which is the abc affiliate for my sebring area. just watch ol' biden squirm...maybe they should get her to moderate one of those debates? well, not if the o campaign has anything to say about it...and of course they do.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

lemme get this straight...

that nbc/wsj poll from a few days back screams in headlines and the first two thirds of the story that bo has opened up a ten point lead, that he has won over independents, white women, suburbanites, that voters have reached a "comfort level" for him as president, and that palin is mccain's biggest drag since she is "unqualified to be president" (no mention that obama is even less qualified, and he's the top of the ticket!)...but:

"In the survey, Obama also holds commanding leads on the issues — especially economic ones. He has a 39-point advantage over McCain in handling health care (59 to 20 percent), a 21-point edge on improving the economy (49 to 28), a 21-point lead on the mortgage and housing crisis (45 to 24), a 17-point edge on dealing with the Wall Street crisis (42 to 25), a 14-point lead on taxes (48 to 34) and a 12-point advantage on energy and the cost of gas (44 to 32)." those are the issues?

"McCain, meanwhile, holds advantages on which candidate would do a better job in catching Osama bin Laden (39 to 19 percent) and handling the situation in Iraq (45 to 40)." handling the situation...you mean leading a nation at war?

"McCain also narrowly leads in having strong leadership qualities needed to be president (40 to 36 percent). But Obama has the edge in offering hope and optimism (53 to 23), improving America’s standing in the world (51 to 31) and having the right temperament to be president (50 to 30)." ah, hope and optimism...and certainly we want our standing in the world -aka pacifism- to be approved by the other pacifists.

"One other key advantage for Democrats is the enthusiasm gap. Fifty-two percent of Obama voters in the poll say they’re excited to be voting for the Democratic presidential nominee." oh, i'm so 'cited! chant with me...hopeychangey, hopeychangey...

well, good to know that the focus is on the important issues...over which potus has no control or constitutional power! and, oh yeah, mccain has the leadership qualities to be prez and would do a better job is administering a nation at war...but that's beside the point, right?

and besides, the o offers hope, optimism, and the sheeple are excited to vote for him! w...t...f is wrong with people?


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

update on last post...

it's now 60% of sheeple for the o...

and any of you that saw the nbc reporters revel in their numbers and marginalize the issues where mccain leads-iraq and trustworthiness; the only issues really within presidential purview-will realize as i do that the outcome is a foregone conclusion...or should i say foregone collusion?


Thursday, October 16, 2008

he said it, i didn't...

bo protesting biased media coverage:

"I am the latte-sipping, New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal. Who wants somebody like that?"

i wish i could answer "no damn body!"...but if that "other" biased news coverage is to be believed, about 55% of the sheeple want somebody exactly like that...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

neither rain, nor snow, nor serpents' bite...

...can stay this mail carrier from his appointed rounds...

my mail-dudette won't even walk up the front driveway (she honks).


but those ballistic descents are a bitch...

with way too much money and a lot of faith in the power of the "reset" button, billionaire game designer is the first second-generation American spaceman...lucky bastard.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

same difference...

i knew this whole house-of-cards market collapse sounded familiar...it's just like this...

bunch of frat kids throwing around kazillions of opm and livin' large, with no understanding or concern about the consequences, and gov to back them up...sweet deal till it all comes crashing down.


Friday, October 10, 2008


we think we know what biblical armageddon might be like, based on various and sundry literal and/or twisted "interpretations"...though i personally like dan aykroyd's dramatic shakespearesque recitation in ghost busters.

but just as we have no proof that the existence of supernatural intelligence and design is at all like mainstream religion teaches, so do we have no idea what event or series of events could lead to the demise of life as we have known it for the last few hundred years.

is the financial tsunami that is washing over the world a harbinger of the breaking down of the gentlemen's accord of relative peace and codependent existence?

recent intellectual discussions of the morphing of perception into reality unnecessarily complicates what really happens...if enough individual entities begin to perceive (believe) that something is so, critical mass will guarantee a self-fulfilling reality.

so if the worldwide barter system that is based almost entirely at its source on American dollars breaks down because those dollars and the assets behind them are no longer perceived to be the highest-valued collateral on earth? then the reality could become that all bets are off and it's every man (woman, and child) for himself.

will the end of times be orchestrated by a deity through miraculous events, or will it be misengineered by ourselves into a renewed reality of a subsistence existence of man? in either case, the ones who will begin anew are not the ones who are running around doing the chicken-little dance babbling "zomg, we're all gonna die", but the ones who are prepared both to face Judgement and to survive what we may be doing to ourselves right now...whatever the hell that is.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the ten least wanted...

nobody wants these losers anymore...

but i doubt they give a flying f..k.

some say these top-level financial geniuses deserve such obscene riches because they are rare talents demanding top dollar...yeah, they did a fine job.

they should be judged and sentenced not by a jury of their peers (they are peerless, remember? rare and valuable), but by a jury of the investors in the stocks and funds they pillaged.

oh, that's right...they aren't charged with any crime; but if they are anywhere near approaching the savvy savants they were paid to be, then they knowingly pumped zillions of other people's dollars into a market bubble doomed to explode, taking their clients life savings with it...except the nice chunk they kept for themselves...and the only price to pay is a little public derision and maybe a senate hearing just for show; not a bad trade for a million bucks a month for three or so years.


Monday, October 6, 2008

sleeping with the enemy...

yes, i know...i'm one who said he would never again patronize wally world's shooting department after they decided to cuddle up to bloomberg et al in a little quid pro quo.

but my son called me today while i was in town running errands and asked me to stop by clint's shop (my old pawn shop) to pick up a hundred rounds of fmj .40 for his glock and another hun of .45 for his firefighter friend alan's gold cup (i sold the colt to alan's dad who wanted a special gift for his son when he graduated fire college a few years ago).

well, clint only had hp's in .40 and only one box of fmj in .45, so...well, to make a sad story short wal-mart is right next door to clint's so i bit my lip and stopped in (and actually ran into a good old customer also ammo shopping for some '06).

they had the ammo in stock of course...and for a good price of course...so after a few minutes tracking down a blue-shirted booby to retrieve what we wanted from the showcase and ring us up, we were on our way.

principles...they're good, we have to have them, but when you don't want to disappoint your kid and his friend who want to spend the afternoon having good clean fun at the range...waddaya gonna do? so i bought the ammo, brought it home, and the kid informs me he called jim's pistol range for a range time...and they're closed on mondays!

ah, poetic justice; she is blind and she is cruel.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

good grief

just now, in the promo for tonight's 60 minutes, leslie stahl's voiceover about a story on the new tesla electric sportscar and i quote verbatim:

"powered by 6000 finger-size laptop batteries...and not a drop of oil."

i swear i didn't make that up...is anyone really that naive?


Friday, October 3, 2008

rest in peace, babykitty...

Baby checking out his new house in 1992...

in his fat, fluffy prime...

and yesterday.

Just a few days ago, Tam lost her beloved kitty, and I said in comments that my family expected to share similar grief soon, as our 16-year old Persian mix, who was so small we had to wait an extra week to bring him home from the Humane Society in 1992, was ill and getting worse.

Well, that time came sooner than any of us thought, as over the last few days this beautiful, gentle creature began having labored breathing, his belly bloated, his hip problem worsened and his front legs and paws swole up like a tiny elephant's...yet he still never complained except to look into my eyes, asking why wasn't I helping him?

So when we took him to the vet this morning after my toughguy 24 year old son said goodbye with tears streaming (he was eight when he came home from school to find a surprise kitty waiting), we had a pretty good idea what he would say; Babykitty's heartbeat was irregular and it was unlikely he would survive attempts at treatment or even going back home for the weekend...and even though he suffered silently, the doc said he had to be in pain. So we did what we had to do to give him the only help we could, and let them inject whatever potion they use...Baby went to sleep with his head in my hand and my wife stroking him and soothing him with her sweet, sorrowful words.

My wife and the kids loved cats and we always had one or two...I tend to prefer dogs myself, but from the beginning Baby was extraordinary. He knew the sound of my truck and even if he was down the street he would run to be the first to welcome me home from work with gentle cat words and a forehead rub. He softly spoke whenever one of his people walked by, and over the years, he welcomed (sometimes just tolerated) a dozen or so other cats and dogs that came and went; even groomed, comforted, and protected some of them.

But in spite of his name (see below), he was a big and healthy boy...and he was the neighborhood Alpha cat; when my wife or I took the dog for a walk on leash Baby went along, staying several feet behind and facing down with a silent, icy stare any wannabe badass cat that challenged him or us...yet I never saw him actually have to fight. Funny, even when he was old and ill and could only make it part way on the walk and my wife would have to carry him home...the other cats still gave him wide berth. Like a tribal respect thing I like to think.

Babykitty (he got his name based on the humane society lady telling us he was a girl, and by the time he went to the vet and we found out otherwise, the name was his to keep) truly loved us and we loved him...I will miss his deep eye-to-eye silent communication, and his loving, uncomplaining, never pushy companionship...

My wife, son, and I buried Baby in the center of the raised flowerbed where he would lie in the sun, relax and survey all that was his, with a peace lily that seemed so appropriate for him as his headstone.

Goodbye, Babykitty; may your gentle cat soul rest in peace.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

gettin' the job done...

well, the veep debate just ended and you know that right this minute msm keyboards are burning up in criticism of palin and casting as negative a light as possible on her performance in the pressure cooker.

but i was proud of her...she was a little jittery at the beginning, but hit her stride and covered all her points forcefully and with great humor and composure, with her genuineness and conviction coming through strong...good job, cougar!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

nice "work" if you can get it...


next time you hear how widows and children are being put out of their homes by the real estate meltdown, tell 'em about this stupid shit...

tam is fond of calling for wind chimes to be made from the hides of scalawags and scoundrels...none are more deserving of such ignominious fate than the geniuses who are responsible for this...right after i let them negotiate a contract for me.