Thursday, May 14, 2009

i just couldn't resist...

what can i say? i'm a sucker for a good deal, especially if it's a good deal on a good gun. the officer's enhanced colt that clint bought as part of a nice package from a collector (see the rest in my last post) just kept calling my name...i don't really know why, it won't be my carry gun and it's surely not the ideal target plinker with it's short grip and an appetite for dollar-a-shot ammo.'s purty ain't it? clint's 14-day hold period expires tomorrow, and it is a good deal; inner and outer boxes, both mags, all the papers including blank warranty, and it looks to have been used very little if at all. so i guess this one's coming home with me.



  1. That's a sweet pistol!

    You will appreciate the shootability of a short 1911 like that; I have a Springer that is that size.

    Colt makes them beautiful though.

    Range report when you take it for a spin?


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