Wednesday, August 12, 2009; the post office of the medical field!

you gotta give bobo credit: it's a pretty honest assessment of how efficient federally controlled healthcare would be.

i guess instead of a dead-letter file there'd be the dead-patient file. kind of know, storage space, bad smell, etc. of course, this whole thing stinks to high heaven anyway.

still, it's a great (and accurate) analogy. i can see the advertising blitz now: " the efficiency of the u.s. postal service with the customer service you've come to expect from amtrak..."



  1. The version I've heard here in the midwest is "the efficiency of the DMV and the compassion of the IRS"

  2. yeah, that was the first reaction from the opposition; and pretty dead-on.

    but the beauty of the post office version is that it's straight from the horse's...i mean the bobo's...mouth.

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  4. And the Post Office is supposed to be the smoothest run gov't agency we have. . .

    Funny that the news hasn't been too keen on asking veterans how they liked gov't health insurance (Tri-care: an abomination. I had it) or how they're loving their gov't run health care (VA hospitals: an abomination. Been there, done that).

    I wonder why that is?


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