Saturday, August 31, 2019

OMG We're All Gonna Die!

Daughters taking off on the Hurricane Hype...

                                     This from the older girl, always the more...un-PC one.

And this from the younger, kinder, gentler one...but with killer humor; how funny is that?


  1. ...yet, are they gonna getcha
    into Seventh-Heaven, Paw ..??
    We all have BAWLS on this whorizontal...

  2. ...the BAWLS in thy cranium are whots most
    important. Why? They seek after Almighty
    God which not tooo many peepow do. Meet me
    Upstairs, pops. Lets have a BIG-OL-BEER 'n
    a party-hardy to croak for. Cya soon...


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