Saturday, April 11, 2009

i have no words...

the ignorance and naivete demonstrated here just takes my breath away.

"Former ATF agent Gerald Nunziato pointed out that if Samaha had wanted to, he could have caused a lot of damage with the guns he purchased."

true enough. but i could do a lot more damage with my hemi 4x4 truck by plowing into a crowd...if i wanted to. man, how did the feds let that genius slip away?

h/t to say uncle



Truthsayer said...

Yeah, but they can't go after cars and trucks... they're protected by the.. what amendment was that again?

Besides, too much money has been spent bailing the auto makers out to regulate their products now.

Unknown said...

It doesn't occur to them that any teenager can buy five gallons of gasoline at will. That can kill way more people than a gun.

I also note that the guy was amazed that he could buy the same type of pistol as Cho, but has no idea that it's probably the most prolific and popular handgun on the market today.