Friday, June 5, 2009

the (new) china syndrome

are you just dying to drive the new chinese vehicles that are in our near future? good, 'cause you probably will.



Anonymous said...

Just this week bought a new Silverado 2500HD Diesel, while I still can. Don't expect to buy another truck in my lifetime.

the pawnbroker said...

awesome truck...i didn't need a 3/4 ton but i sure wanted a diesel f250. i settled for a quad cab dodge hemi 4x4. didn't really need that either, but it was the height of the gas bubble (aug. '08). with regular at $4.25 the dealer ran 40% off msrp, paid 24k for a 40k sticker truck. you can buy a lot of gas with 16k, especially when it's back in the 2', anything to be contrary :o)

Anonymous said...

Can't really say I "needed" a 3/4 ton, or the 4x4 either, but I WANTED a Duramax. I figure if I'm only gonna' buy a new truck every 20 years (22 this time)I should get what I want.