Tuesday, March 10, 2009

now lemmee get dis straight...

you puts de lime in de coconut...sorry, i can't write that first line without my pea brain adding the second.

what i meant was, let me get straight just how it is a capitalist economy works: apparently the stock market zoomed up 380 today based largely on the head of citibank saying they're showing a profit for the first quarter...and all it took was taking a few bil from sam, burning through that, and coming back and saying, hey listen, why don't you just buy into this great biz, you know, gimmee another decade's worth of national output, and we'll give you this here certificate saying you own a third of the joint -wink,wink-.

then we'll get the head of the big printing press to say that "we won't allow the big banks to fail..." so, hell, we can't go wrong. we'll just keep on keepin' on and those taxpayer patsies will keep us propped up; what could possibly go wrong?

what...the...fluck is going on? lenin must be grinnin'.

well, back to the music...you puts de lime in de coconut and drink 'em bot' toget'er,
you puts de lime in de coconut den you feel better...

nah, i'm gonna have to have something a little stronger than that.


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