Monday, March 9, 2009

war in the mountains and desert...

and i don't mean afghanistan or iraq.

this is just f'n stupid. the only reason for the existence of this shit is the ignorant, misguided, and self-serving "war on drugs"...a misnomer if there ever was one for what in reality is the "war for drugs".

so let's throw a few billion at it...yeah, that'll work; who the hell do they think is going to wind up with that money, those supplies, and all that training? actually, they know who will and say so right in the story:

"The violence that most concerns U.S. authorities is the rivalry between Gulf cartel thugs known as Los Zetas — many of them former military and police officers trained in counternarcotics tactics in the United States — and Los Negros, the Sinaloa cartel’s narco-military brigade."

so let's just train up some reinforcements for when their "internecine" wars have depleted their supplies, right?

and while we're at it, let's go ahead and throw the blame for all that firepower on the right of Americans to own the means to protect themselves from these thugs as they "extend their network from inner U.S. cities to suburban and rural areas.”

decriminalize the possession and use of personal amounts of this shit, and this entire "problem" dries up and blows away...and all those "overlords" can then just get in line to swim the rio grande like proper wetbacks should. and that two billion bucks? that would build a helluva wall, wouldn't it?



Sevesteen said...

Suppliers are the main problem. Decriminalizing personal use won't do much good, if dealing is still illegal.

We need to decriminalize supply to adults, and treat it like liquor. When semi-legitimate businesses can sell, the violence involved will drop sharply.

the pawnbroker said...

there's no illegal "dealing" if there's no illegal use; as i've said many times, a nice selection of pot varieties behind the counter at the abc (nothing "semi-legit" about it) would hugely reduce demand for this other nasty shit, which would be available to hardcore users by scrip.

violence wouldn't just drop, it would stop...along with more than half of thefts, burglaries, addict prostitution, and most of the rest of the routine shit beat cops deal with...not to mention the jail/prison population would be halved.

and therein lies the rub...the w.o.d. is so ingrained into law enforcement that they see decriminalization as a threat to their job security and their ninja squads; they're ag'in it, and not for the reasons they say.

Bob said...

The Democrats won't build any sort of wall to keep their future voter base out. Any hope of a wall ended when Bambi got elected.

Dan O. said...

I agree with you Pawnbroker. But, again, too simple of a solution for politicians to figure out.