Thursday, January 4, 2018

Repealing the repeal?

I had thought that DT had gotten this little troll to refocus on the real bidness at hand but I guess old habits and old totalitarians die hard.

You'd think he'd know the history though:

Question: Would repealing the 21st automatically restore the 18th, or would it be necessary to repeal the repeal of the repeal?

Yes, he's after the pot not the booze...somebody tell me where the difference lies?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy Holy Healthy 2018!

Started New Years morning here in Heartland Florida by the pool with good strong Folgers, enjoying a pretty blue sky dotted by light clouds and temps hovering around 70.

Started to do a little work on a small tilt trailer I’m rebuilding that will tote a Kawasaki powered lifted golf cart I got for the grandkids to enjoy when they’re here (I’ve lived on this neighborhood golf course for 26 years come April; it’s nice for the open green space but I’ve never swung a club there, just not my thing).

But my piddling was interrupted by the expected front moving through; greying skies, and a misty rain that would be sleet if we were up at the North Georgia mountain place. Here it is prelude (finally!) to some mild wintry weather to kick off 2018..several days with crisp clear skies and highs in the fifties, and it might even plunge into the mid thirties in the overnights. Just about perfect for my taste, at least for a while, the warm and muggy eighties like we had for Christmas might sound mighty welcome to some right now, but I do get sick of it.

As I say that however, I am mindful of my Dad’s favorite old trilogy of connected truisms that have guided me quite a bit: “familiarity breeds contempt”, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, and “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”. Reflecting this day on the past, present, and future I am fully aware of how blessed we are and while I'm not much for resolutions I do always try to resolve not to become complacent and take our good fortune for granted.

On that note, I will take this opportunity to wish the world and especially the greatest nation on earth a happy, holy, healthy, and thoroughly Deplorable 2018 and beyond!