Tuesday, April 8, 2008

drought and depression in tamaristville

tam's had some upheaval recently that has interfered in the transfer of action and ideas to the keyboard, and cashflow and consort concerns have her posting of a great depression...i don't see that myself; she is proliferate, interesting, and humorous every day, and that ain't easy...here's my two cents (actually worth about a nickel as the production cost of pennies these days exceeds it's value...gov at work).

tamara, it sounds like three seperate problems; two are related...that you're strapped; that is unfun, and that you're tired of writing about what you know and think instead of what you know and do...commentary and expoundment are wonderful and necessary but relating personal experience keeps readers and self energized and interested.

well, some want eggs and pj's...me, i wish you'd follow up with a day or two a week at at a good, aggressive gun or gun/pawn store there; i've said before that a sharp promoter could help you package weekly clinics...a striking, tall blonde holding forth on old smiths, military rifles then and now with examples from bp to ar and tam strippin' it down (the gun, you leches), arming women in america, and the paper would probably give you a vanity column given the uniqueness of your experience...if a dealer combined that star power with ccw classes and factory reps, etc. that would have to be worth two bills and a good story per day for you (mw is configuring online book publishing; i suggested a chapter a month work-in-progress as a sidebar to his blog...that would be something i would read from you, too).

i want to read about that stuff, and it will create the structure of a job that you have to prepare for and execute applying time restraints and pressure that are so necessary to the written flow of your real love/job entertaining and educating us here...and of course that cash supplement has peaceofmind narco that trandscends idealism and confirms our basic value to ourselves.

the last lament seems to be one of a personal nature, and that is understandable since tamslick of tamaristville is real but still seperate from the real person who needs companionship and connection...that part is exempt from papparazzi and up to tam and karma, but to that end i'm kicking in a fifty to the tip jar specifically for you and a friend to get a nice dinner on me...

this ain't the great depression, girl, just a mild recession, and i'll look forward to whatever you write next...jtc

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Tam said...

Bless you.

I think I'll take a walk down the Monon Trail and get a bagel & lox in Broad Ripple. Maybe browse a book store.

That should shake some cobwebs loose. :)