Thursday, August 28, 2008

i'm going to want royalties on this...

what a great let's take it a little further ...

the old unimproved version of this (the little yellow foam rubber fish with a marina ad on it) saved my naa minigun once when i was dumb enough to let a friend take me on his catamaran that he just bought and had no frickin idea how to keep upright...saved the naa but my overpriced shades went down along with my knife.

this new iteration is great because it's so much more visible than the yellow fish, though it didn't have battery/electronic issues...sometimes the old simple version is still better.

but the next evolutionary development would be a model that inflates/lights/beeps not just when it hits the water, but when you press a remote button.

i'd attach one to everything i own, that i have no idea where i put it; then maybe i could f'n find something now and then...

my wife says i'd need to attach one to my ass since she says i can't find it...but i'd probably lose the remote.

h/t to tam


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