Monday, October 6, 2008

sleeping with the enemy...

yes, i know...i'm one who said he would never again patronize wally world's shooting department after they decided to cuddle up to bloomberg et al in a little quid pro quo.

but my son called me today while i was in town running errands and asked me to stop by clint's shop (my old pawn shop) to pick up a hundred rounds of fmj .40 for his glock and another hun of .45 for his firefighter friend alan's gold cup (i sold the colt to alan's dad who wanted a special gift for his son when he graduated fire college a few years ago).

well, clint only had hp's in .40 and only one box of fmj in .45, so...well, to make a sad story short wal-mart is right next door to clint's so i bit my lip and stopped in (and actually ran into a good old customer also ammo shopping for some '06).

they had the ammo in stock of course...and for a good price of after a few minutes tracking down a blue-shirted booby to retrieve what we wanted from the showcase and ring us up, we were on our way.

principles...they're good, we have to have them, but when you don't want to disappoint your kid and his friend who want to spend the afternoon having good clean fun at the range...waddaya gonna do? so i bought the ammo, brought it home, and the kid informs me he called jim's pistol range for a range time...and they're closed on mondays!

ah, poetic justice; she is blind and she is cruel.


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