Monday, September 15, 2008

4 sale...

one of the main reasons for this trip up to ga. is to get my son's house squared away for sale, and get it listed with the realtor.

it's a great little house, we bought it three years ago and moved eric and his fiance up on katrina weekend...that was scary.

they had bought a business here in this bedroom town of ball ground (north cherokee county; lots of commuters here into the atlanta area about an hour away), and 8 months later we ended up buying a house for ourselves nearby instead of up around blue ridge where we had vacationed for years and had always kind of planned to retire to.

but they parted ways (hard for him, but good riddance really) and sold the business. he has moved back to central fla and now i guess we've got a couple extra houses we need to sell. this one first and then i guess we'll move on to the other one where i am for a few days now...other than it being hard on my boy and pissing away a fair amount of retirement funds. when all is said and done, we're not that upset about it...retiring up here full time turned out to be more seperation anxiety from the grandkids in fla than wifey could deal with, so i guess we'll end up staying in fla mostly and continue to come to the hills for a break now and then.

anyway, nice house for a young family...anybody interested can check out the listing here... or here.


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