Tuesday, October 28, 2008

wasting away again...

in obamaville.

just saw on the late news that jimmy buffet will give a free concert in nearby tampa's ford amphitheater that is really an undisguised and unapologetic mega-rally for bo...it's the "last chance for change rally and concert" on sunday 11/2.

just another icon of my boomer generation in the tank for the obamessiah.

well, i guess the "o" is the 21st century maharishi m. yogi or l.r. hubbard...those privileged self-haters just have to have some magical someone or something to give their empty existence meaning.

adios, jimmy...i'll never waste away another three minutes listening to you again.



Bob said...

Jimmy's always been a lefty, he was invited to the White House when Carter was the occupant. He's even written a song about evil white men, and letting a black man or a woman run things. He hasn't usually been too obnoxious about his politics, though.

My own theory on Jimmy is that he is one of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers pod people, and was nabbed about the same time he shaved off his mustache (Floridays/Riddles in the Sand were the last albums were he showed a mustache).

The pod people Jimmy sings rich-people dreck about flying his airplanes and globe-trotting, rather than singing pirate songs and beach songs. He's more a corporate brand these days than anything else.

the pawnbroker said...

i do my best not to learn too much about the people (or pods) behind the music; i'm almost always disappointed.