Thursday, December 4, 2008

on hiatus...

well it's back to work, for a while at least, as my son and i enact step three of my little obama recovery plan (see previous post).

doing the blog thing (a little posting of my own, but mostly cruising and commenting at others' places that i like) eats up time that i need to put to more productive, if not more enjoyable and educational, use. i have to say that i have been amazed at the knowledgeable, intelligent, creative, and often hilarious discourse at the blogsites i have frequented the last several months; thanks for that.

so ya'll play nice, and as frosty said as he melted away, "i'll be back again someday.."



Tam said...

Eh. If it gets slow behind the counter, remember where your browser button is.

Good luck!

Bob said...

I wish you fair fortune, and hope you'll be able to post now and again.

Anonymous said...

We'll check in occasionally to see if you've posted. Best of luck in your new venture!