Monday, January 19, 2009

in honor of dr. king...

i'm not a fan of mlk day being a national holiday. it devalues the honor that is implied by setting aside such a day to honor and observe far more significant milestones in our history...

but i'll say this: listening to his speeches now, with the retrospect and maturity gained as this country worked through the turmoil and did the right thing in respecting the rights of all citizens, makes me realize that this peaceable man was far more deserving of the honor of being the first black man to hold our highest office than the "one" who will be crowned tomorrow.

not that either of them possess(ed) the experience and capabilities required to be the leader of the free world...just that of the two, mlk would be far and away the better, less divisive, and probably far more effective choice.

r.i.p., martin luther king jr....let's hope your vision and methods will live within the hearts and minds of those who follow.


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Earl said...

Funny, I can understand everything MLK stood for, but I am still puzzled about B. H. Obama... Doctor King wasn't running for office, and was willing to pay the price for his actions and beliefs?